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The Island Wave

When the Sol Grass Music Festival was cancelled due to Covid-19 last summer, I kept my plans to go up to Washington Island in place and boy l am glad I did. I ended up staying ten weeks, working a little, relaxing a lot and having my best summer in years.

Going to the island is like going back to a simpler time. (I don’t know about you, but these days that sure sounds awesome!) There just seems to be more time to look at the stars, to notice flowers growing on the side of the road and to acknowledge other people.

When you're driving down the roads on Washington Island, it’s not unusual for a driver in a passing vehicle to give you a small wave. It wasn’t long after I arrived I started waving back. It is a small act of kindness, something that’s missing in most of our everyday lives.That kindness turned into a habit in such a short amount of time.

When I left the island and returned to Colorado I noticed myself waving to people driving by me in my neighborhood. They, of course, were looking at me with that questionable look, “Do I know you?” “Is there a police officer doing radar up ahead?” To me, it had become second nature and I was determined to keep waving.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long until the day-to-day of being away from the island made me stop waving. I don’t remember the moment it happened, I just know I can’t wait until the moment when I go back to Washington Island and wave.

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