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Adventure is Brewing!

Wow! What a year it's been, huh? I don't know about you but I miss live music with every inch of my aching soul. I find myself dreaming of cool summer nights in the backyard of a dive bar listening to my favorite local bluegrass band. I can almost feel the sharp tingle of the cold IPA hitting my mouth as the carbonation ignites a refreshed smile.

Those nights will return soon enough. For now, Pat and I are filling our time planning the next greatest adventures! Our plate is filling up with great future events for the bluegrass junkie! "The entrée?" you ask. Sól Grass Music Festival!!

Let's Talk About Sól Grass Music Festival!

Last year, Pat and I began planning the bluegrass festival on Washington Island, Wisconsin. It was scheduled to take place in June of 2020. Unfortunately, like all festivals and events, it too was rescheduled. As bummed as we were, we are using this time to build upon all the hard work we put into it and make it even cooler! We hope you will join us for our debut festival!

So, What is Sól Grass Music Festival?

Think of the ideal day. You wake up early, unzip your tent and breathe in the refreshing dew filled morning air, feeling amped for what the day holds. After packing up your gear, you hop in your car and hit the road, stopping for a freshly brewed cup of joe from a local shop along the way. What activity are you going to do first? Rent a bike and explore all the quirky attractions on this little island? Go on a photo safari and snap gorgeous photos of lavender, stone beaches, and sparkling waters? Or would you rather be the first on the water and kayak to neighboring islands or snorkel over shipwrecks?

After spending the day adventuring, you make your way back to the campgrounds and indulge in an evening of live local bluegrass music with friends and family. Life is pretty good when you're chilling in your camp chair and recovering from all the fun you had today. After sampling a well earned local beer, or perhaps a hard cider, you're ready to go boogie by the stage!

As the night winds down and the stage lights turn off, you head back to your campsite to retrieve that old dusty guitar of yours. The sound of laughter and familiar tunes quietly fill the nooks and crannies all around you as you make your way down the gravel path. Just around the bend, you see a campfire filled with familiar faces - it's the new friends you made earlier in the beer garden! And the lead singer from the band you just discovered today! And the banjo player who's jaw dropping solo got you up and groovin' by the stage!

You stick around and jam with everyone before adventuring around and discovering other hideaways and another jam session to join. It's been a night to remember. On an island, underneath the stars and beside a campfire, you strum the last chord of your favorite song, breath the fresh air in deep and remember just how amazing life can be.

Ya, that's Sól Grass.

QUICK! Fill in your calendar!

Sounds dreamy, right? If you're thinking it sounds too good to be true and there must be a catch, you're right!

Here's the catch - the 2020 event was rescheduled, not canceled. Which means all those who bought tickets last year are planning to attend this year. We would be naïve to not predict some sort of COVID restrictions on live events this upcoming Summer. Because of this, we will likely be restricting our numbers to be safe and compliant. That only leaves a limited number of tickets left.

If you are interested in reserving your spot at Sól Grass this year, you will definitely want to sign up to receive updates and know when ticket sales go live. There are lots of reasons to start planning now, one of them being the discounted flights available due to COVID!

So, here's what you need to do:

✔ Mark your calendar for June 25-27. The festival will take place on the 25th and 26th but you'll definitely want to campout with us to enjoy the campfire jams and then pack up on the 27th.

✔ Visit the website and sign up to receive updates

✔ Tell your friends and start organizing your festival tribe

✔ Watch your inbox for the greenlight to buy tickets

✔ Order your tickets ASAP. Individual campsites hold a limited number of people and will go fast and there will only be a small amount of General Admission Camping left in our inventory.

✔ Stay connected for more updates and tips to plan your trip, i.e.: ferry schedules, stage lineups, adventure suggestions, and more.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 29, 2020

I am so excited for this. After the restrictions of the last year, I’m so looking forward to the chance to feel free while visiting around campfires.

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